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What's It Like Living In A Retirement Village?

Thursday, 20 August 2020

We don’t want to toot our own horn here but… it’s pretty fantastic!

From a vivid sense of community to a simpler, more relaxed style of living within a supportive environment, living in a retirement village can be a great experience if you take full advantage of everything they have to offer.

A True Sense Of Community

Individuals who are wondering what it is like living in a retirement village may be surprised to hear that they aren’t the isolated places that many people think they are. Instead, a good retirement village will carry with it a great sense of community, encouraging you to participate in the many activities and social events available. Nothing is obligatory, so if you feel like relaxing at home instead of taking part in any events, you can certainly do so.

At Oak Tree retirement villages, we offer a wealth of communal areas including:

  • Outdoor barbecue and entertainment areas
  • Open-plan lounge areas
  • Hairdressing salons
  • Inviting outdoor pools
  • Bowling greens
  • Gyms
  • Self-catering kitchens
  • Libraries
  • Billiards tables
  • And more.
  • All our community events are centred around these areas, so you can expect to meet your neighbours in aqua aerobics classes, card games, knitting and sewing circles, gym training sessions, and much more.

    Independence With Everything You Need In Reach

    Many people think that moving to a retirement village will also come with a loss of independence – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Oak Tree retirement villages, you have all the freedoms you would have outside of the village, except you will be living in a secure community with extra support services available should you need them.

    You can still carry on with your everyday life as normal. You can have guests over, barbecue with friends, take trips to the shops, and if you have any questions, you have the full support of our Village Managers, who ensure the safety and comfort of everyone within your village.

    Everyone Is Welcome – Even The Furry Members Of The Family

    Unlike many retirement communities out there, Oak Tree allows retirees to bring their pets with them when they move into one of our villages. That means that no one gets left behind, and you can retire to your new, carefree life with everyone you love.

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    If you’d like to know more about what it’s like to living in a retirement village, why not get in touch and talk to one of our friendly staff members today by calling 1300 367 155. They can answer all your questions about a particular village and even organise a village tour.