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7 things you’ll notice after making the move to a retirement village

Life in a retirement village is vibrant and carefree, offering several lifestyle benefits aimed to improve residents’ overall happiness and quality of life. Less responsibilities, new opportunities, newfound friendships, and certainty for the future are just a few of the intangible benefits that make retirement communities such a popular choice for modern retirees looking to downsize.Although making the move to retirement living is a major lifestyle change, especially if you’ve lived in the same house for many years, it’s easy to feel right at home when your life is quickly made easier and more enjoyable!

Here are 7 things you’ll notice after making the move to a retirement village.

You engage in activities you normally wouldn’t.

One of the major benefits of living in a retirement village is the increased access to recreational activities. Of course, you can still attend activities and classes in your local community if you live in a normal home, however the convenience of having them on your doorstep within walking distance in a retirement community means you’re much more likely to attend. Our residents also find comfort in knowing they’ll be partaking in the class with their neighbours, as it can be daunting attending something new when you don’t know anyone.

At Oak Tree, many of our residents find that after making the move to retirement living, they engage in activities they either didn’t know existed or normally wouldn’t have tried otherwise, like chair yoga, tai chi, aqua aerobics, and dance.

We find this is especially the case with our male residents, as they are typically less likely to attend recreational classes and are taken by surprise when they have the time of their life participating in them at the village!

At Oak Tree, the small size and tight knit nature of our retirement communities fosters close connections between our residents, and they empower each other to step outside their comfort zone and explore new pursuits in this exciting chapter of life!

Financial planning becomes far easier.

At Oak Tree, our residents are always saying how much easier managing their finances became after they made the move to retirement living.

With a simple weekly fee that encapsulates the costs of rates, water, village and garden maintenance, insurance, and upkeep of great community facilities, our residents no longer have to worry about keeping track of numerous bills.

With budget certainty, it’s much easier to manage cash flow and in turn plan for bigger expenses like travelling! Retirement is the time to prioritise yourself and spend your hard-earned money on the things that enrich your life – spoiling your loved ones, travelling the world, holidaying, fine dining, going to shows, attending sports games, or whatever it is that brings you joy.

You no longer need to remember those mundane weekly tasks!

At a time in our life when we want to focus all our energy into the things and people that mean a lot to us, transitioning to retirement living brings the simple joy of allowing you to let go of the mundane weekly tasks like putting the bins out, paying the bills, mowing the lawn and watering the garden.

At Oak Tree, our lifestyle is designed to maximise your quality of life and provide you with newfound free time to spend your way. Let us take care of maintenance responsibilities and gardening while you relax and make the most of your freedom!

You form strong connections quickly.

Forming new friendships is one of the most special aspects of living in a retirement community. You’re living within close proximity to people who are of a similar age, likely from your neighbourhood or nearby, and therefore probably have shared life experiences with you! This means you’re likely going to have common interests and form strong connections with your fellow residents quickly. We’ve found that a lot of the time, our new residents already know someone living within the village from some point in their life, which makes it that much easier to settle in and feel at home!

Some of our Oak Tree residents, particularly couples, didn’t make the move to a retirement village with the intention of expanding their circle, however now that they’re here, they’ve formed close bonds that will last for years to come.

At Oak Tree, our retirement communities are independent living open to ages 55 and over, meaning all residents are still able to live in their own home independently. It’s comforting knowing that you’re living with people who are at the same stage of life as you, as you can utilise the village facilities and enjoy the various social events at the village together!

You’ll feel more at ease about the future.

The struggles that come with owning and maintaining a large family home are one of the predominant reasons our residents decide to downsize to an Oak Tree villa or apartment.

There are major feelings of concern that come when the tasks of decluttering, conducting necessary refurbishments, and selling the family home loom. This combined with getting older and not being as able bodied as we once were, creates feelings of anxiety and uncertainty for the future.

This is why downsizing to retirement living while you still have freedom of choice and are in control is a great decision. You’ll be so much happier and more carefree in a smaller, more manageable home that’s the perfect size for you.

At Oak Tree, our villas and apartments are purpose built with thoughtfully designed features that allow you to age comfortably and happily in your home throughout your retirement years.

Step-free floors allow you to navigate your way safely throughout the entire village, and wide doorways and walk in showers allow for the easy use of mobility devices. All our homes are single level, and every inch has been built with your quality of life and future needs in mind! Although we are independent living and don’t offer in home care support, you do have the option to access it through an external provider should you need to.

Like all our Oak Tree residents, you’ll find that once you make the move to a retirement community, you’ll have peace of mind and feel much more at ease about the future!

Relationships with your family improve.

Often when we’re trying to manage a large family home in our later years, we’re forced to rely on family members for assistance. Therefore, when you make the move to a retirement village and forego the maintenance responsibilities that come with owning a large home, relationships with your loved ones improve.

Time spent with family can be quality – enjoying a day out and about, utilising the village facilities, enjoying a delicious meal, or simply relaxing and appreciating each other’s company! Many of our residents have selected their retirement location to be closer to family or chosen a villa or apartment with an extra bedroom so loved ones can visit!

At Oak Tree, we encourage our residents to invite family and friends to visit for the day or stay over whenever they’d like. Our villages have recreational facilities that are perfect for spending quality time with your grandchildren – have a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, play a board game and enjoy lunch in the village centre with a self-catering kitchen, play a game of lawn bowls, or have a movie night in the lounge area.

In this chapter of your life, the most important thing is making the most of your time with loved ones, and the retirement village lifestyle allows you to do that.

You rediscover your purpose.

We have many purposes throughout our different chapters of life –career, marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, and many more. However, some people find that when they reach retirement, they struggle to find direction.

The retirement village lifestyle can help to promote rediscovery and reinvention. Immersed in a supportive community that values your happiness and personal growth, you might find you uncover new passions and pursuits that bring fulfillment and purpose to this stage of life! At Oak Tree, our residents are often sharing their interests, trying new hobbies together, and empowering one another to explore pursuits outside their norm.

If you’re looking to downsize or simply live an easier life, consider retirement living for a lifestyle that prioritises your health, enjoyment, and overall happiness.

At Oak Tree, we are passionate about building communities that foster an exciting new lifestyle for our residents with boundless opportunities for growth, meaningful new connections, and certainty around every aspect of your life.

Live comfortably in a villa or apartment that’s been built to suit you now and well into the future, and where friends and family are welcome to stay anytime.

A future with Oak Tree is one to look forward to. To learn more about starting your ideal retirement lifestyle, call 1300 367 155 today.

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