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Wellness Week At Oak Tree

Thursday, 15 April 2021

During March, a number of Oak Tree retirement communities participated in Wellness Week, a week of free activities and information sessions held at the villages, dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing of local seniors.

Wellness is all about practicing healthy habits on a daily basis in order to maintain a healthy mind and physical body, so that instead of just surviving, you can thrive! The motivation behind Wellness Week was the year just gone. For many it took a toll on their mental health, having to quarantine inside alone and distanced from family and friends. Similarly, many people’s physical health suffered, as they were unable to attend fitness classes or be as active as they usually are. Covid and the past year was especially hard on the senior community, as being part of a vulnerable demographic caused further isolation and anxiety.

Activities and services varied from village to village, however all related to improving mental or physical wellbeing. During the week of March 8th, Village Manager Jenny at Oak Tree Yeppoon and Oak Tree Capricorn Coast held a series of fun games and activities ranging from brain teaser games to information sessions covering topics on legal advice, advanced health directives, EPOAS and wills.

The following week, Oak Tree Bathurst Village Manager Suzana hosted a series of practitioner led seminars with topics covering fitness, health & wellbeing, yoga, sleep and mobility exercises. There were also classes on art, poetry, writing and a mental health session held by Lifeline that included tips on connecting with others and dealing with loneliness.

Running in parallel to Oak Tree Bathurst, was our Wellness Week at Oak Tree Park Avenue. Village Manager Jacky organised a number of sessions including a balance and mobility class, a dementia information session, a visit from Rockhampton 60 & Better, and a session hosted by Vector Health who specialise in senior health issues – demonstrating exercises for those with restricted movement ability. Other classes included rumba, arts and crafts, a scrabble tournament, and a live performance!

The feedback from our residents and the local community around Wellness Week has been outstanding. They have loved connecting and participating on all of the various activities and have found it to be a great way to meet new friends, while also learning new things that can be implemented into their daily life to help keep their health and wellbeing at an optimal level.

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