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Paul's passion for decoupage

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

With over 30 boutique villages in operation from Cairns to Tasmania, about Oak Tree have developed quite a large community of residents, each coming from a different walk of life. Every resident has a unique story to tell, and a different talent to share.

Paul from Oak Tree Burpengary is no exception. He has a passion for decoupage.

Decoupage has a fascinating history that can be traced back through many countries and cultures. In the 12th century, Chinese peasants created paper cut outs in vivid colours to decorate windows, lanterns and gift boxes.

In 18th century Europe, Venetian artisans would take sheets of hand-coloured engravings and cut and paste them onto the surface of furniture. This was then coated with several layers of varnish to create a glossy finish which mimicked traditional lacquer work.

It was in 18th century France when the art was given the name decoupage, derived from the word decouper, which means ‘to cut out’.

Put simply, it is the art of decorating an object or surface such as a canvas, glass, wood, ceramic, or pot by gluing a number of paper cut outs onto it. The artwork is then sealed with sealer and when dry, given a gloss or satin varnish.

Laser prints or pictures of loved ones can be applied to a canvas or chosen surface and become a unique and long-lasting addition to your home. A box or old suitcase can display something of special significance to you or even a favourite piece of furniture transformed into a lovely scene or image.

Paul has a passion for decoupage and has been involved in the art for over ten years now. In this time, he has created many incredible pieces of work which can be found inside his villa at Oak Tree Burpengary.

Paul loves to share his extensive knowledge and talent with his fellow residents, and help them learn about the art, which they all appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. He ran a decoupage Masterclass event at the village a few months ago and is constantly helping them continue to learn and create projects of their own during the craft mornings.