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Open Day Fun in Toowoomba

May 4, 2017

With only limited villas yet to be sold at Oak Tree Retirement Village Toowoomba, the Village hosted an open day on Friday and Saturday last week to show new prospects through.
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Safety first in Toowoomba

Apr 21, 2017

Oak Tree Retirement Village Toowoomba residents had a visit from the Fire Brigade this morning to practice a fire drill and talk about fire safety.
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Easter bunny comes to Toowoomba

Apr 13, 2017

Oak Tree Retirement Village Toowoomba residents received a little surprise this Easter when Village Manager Sharon decided to make an appearance as the Easter Bunny.
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Yoga anyone?

Apr 7, 2017

Oak Tree Retirement Village Toowoomba now has a visiting Yoga instructor for anyone who wants to come and do some gentle exercise.
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Pool anyone?

Mar 30, 2017

After a lovely morning tea and yet another month of Birthdays, four of the residents decided to stay back and have a friendly game of pool.
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Goondiwindi Visits Toowoomba

Feb 22, 2017

Regional Area Manager Mary O'Neill and Village Manager Marian Doyle took a car load of "soon to be" Oak Tree Goondiwindi residents to Oak Tree Toowoomba for the day to show them a taste of the "good life!"
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Happy 80th Marlene

Feb 8, 2017

Oak Tree Retirement Village Toowoomba hosted another milestone birthday celebration - this time for the lovely Marlene Koop.
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G'day Australia Day

Feb 8, 2017

Oak Tree Toowoomba hosted their annual Australia Day function and invited residents along with some loyal friends from the Village database.
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