Top 5 reasons why single males are thriving in retirement living!

Retirement is a time of significant change, and for single males, it can be a transformative and fulfilling chapter of life! While leaving the workforce often disrupts established routines, retirement living offers countless lifestyle benefits that help single men to thrive in their later years.

From enhancing social opportunities, encouraging new hobbies, promoting routine, providing financial predictability and freedom from maintenance responsibilities, it’s no wonder single males are flourishing in retirement living!

The retirement village lifestyle provides enhanced social opportunities for single males.

When it comes to socialising and making friends in our later years, many people can be apprehensive and reluctant to do it – maybe they’re out of practice, afraid that people will already have established social circles, or simply don’t believe they’ll find anyone they connect with.

While women can tend to be more confident in meeting people out and about at things like exercise classes or group activities, men are typically less likely to go out into their community and make friends. For single men in their senior years, this can sometimes mean quite a lonely lifestyle, which is why so many are turning to retirement living for their next chapter!

Retirement living provides a welcoming atmosphere where friendships with neighbours flourish naturally, as residents are living within close proximity to likeminded people at a similar stage of life.

The boutique size of Oak Tree retirement villages further fosters this, as our communities are small enough for all residents to know each other by name and be friendly with one another.

At Oak Tree, we find that although making the move from a large family home to a retirement village can be a big transition, people tend to settle in very quickly, and our residents always welcome their new neighbours with open arms!

Retirement living encourages single males to embrace new hobbies!

Another leading reason single men thrive in the retirement village lifestyle is because the setting encourages them to embrace new hobbies – something that’s essential for mental and physical wellbeing in our retirement years.

At Oak Tree, our villages each have wonderful communal facilities like outdoor bowling greens, swimming pools, billiards table, and more, that encourage new hobbies and active living. As an Oak Tree resident, these facilities are an extension of your home and available for you to use at your leisure alone, with neighbours, or with friends and family when they visit.

The village community setting makes it easy for single men to connect over shared interests, which there are always plenty of, seeing as everyone is likely from the same local area, and of a similar age! From fishing trips, bowls tournaments, pub lunches, golf days and days out at the races, the men of Oak Tree are always enjoying exciting outings together!

A number of our retirement villages also have resident run ‘Men’s Sheds’ – wonderful environments that allow men to come together and keep an active body and mind by working on craftsman projects. The Men’s Shed movement in Australian culture has now become one of the most powerful tools in addressing mental health and wellbeing, encouraging men to speak openly to each other and feel valued within their community.

The retirement village lifestyle promotes routine for single males.

Leaving the workforce and moving into our retirement chapter often disrupts our established routine, and sometimes eliminates it entirely!

The importance of routine for older Australians is significant for so many reasons – it provides purpose, evokes feelings of achievement, promotes healthy habits and better sleep patterns, and enhances cognitive function.

At a time in our life when we no longer have the set schedule that working life provides, we must incorporate other activities into our day that provide us with feelings of purpose and a reason to get out of bed each day!

This is why retirement living has become such a popular choice for single men. Village life provides access to activities that spark hobbies and interests which in turn form part of a daily routine.

Many of our Oak Tree residents begin each day with a refreshing morning walk around their village, as well as enjoy morning tea every Wednesday in the village centre and happy hour drinks religiously every Friday afternoon! Throughout the week there’s also several other activities going on in each village – aqua aerobics classes, gentle movement classes, yoga, arts and crafts, and more!

These various activities make for a vibrant retirement lifestyle, providing our residents with many things to look forward to during the week, and ultimately giving them the tools to thrive in their retirement chapter!

Retirement living provides single males with freedom from home maintenance responsibilities.

Single males who are looking to downsize to a retirement village have likely spent a good portion of their life managing and maintaining a home – often a large, family sized home that required a lot of work!

Making the move to retirement living means leaving those responsibilities behind and embarking on a new lifestyle with hard earned freedom and time to make the most of! You’ll no longer have to worry about weeding, mowing the lawn, sweeping your front entry, and cleaning the gutters! You can spend your newfound freedom doing whatever makes you happy. For some men, this means simply relaxing and not doing much, and for others this means keeping a full social calendar!

Retirement living provides financial predictability for single males.

The financial predictability that retirement living provides is another major reason single males are thriving in retirement villages.

At Oak Tree, our residents have budget certainty with a simple weekly fee that encompasses the cost of rates, water, village and garden maintenance, insurance, and upkeep of wonderful community facilities.

With easy oversight and stability around finances, it’s much easier to manage cash flow and plan for bigger expenses like travelling! Retirement is the time to prioritise yourself and spend your hard-earned money on the things that enrich your life – spoiling your loved ones, travelling the world, holidaying, fine dining, going to shows, attending sports games, or whatever it is that brings you joy.

Retirement living offers a multitude of benefits that empowers single males to thrive during their golden years. Enhanced social opportunities, encouragement to embrace new hobbies, the promotion of routine, freedom from home maintenance responsibilities, and financial predictability all contribute to a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle!

At Oak Tree, we understand the unique needs of our residents and strive to create an environment where single men can flourish. As they transition into this new chapter, our supportive communities ensure they find companionship, purpose, and joy every day. Embracing retirement living can transform the experience of aging, turning it into a time of growth, connection, and fun!

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