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Max and Lorna enjoying their freedom at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour

Max and Lorna embark on a future of freedom and fulfilment at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour.

Knowing that it was a life changing decision, Lorna and Max made sure to look at every available option in the area when they began exploring retirement villages, but it was the north facing outlook, the brand-new aspect, and the single level, on-grade villas that sold them on Oak Tree Coffs Harbour.

“We did the rounds and looked at everything in the area, but we just loved the fact that Oak Tree was north facing. We’ve had many homes in our married life, and they’ve all been north facing which has been amazing for winter, so it was an important factor for us.”

“The fact that it was going to be completely brand new was also a huge benefit for us, especially coming from an older family home.”

Max wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but Lorna knew it was important for them to make the move while they still had freedom of choice and could make the most of all that retirement village living has to offer.

“Max wasn’t all that keen to start the process, mainly because the task of downsizing just seemed so overwhelming, but I just felt it was time.”

“We’re both in our seventies now, and our previous home was large with a big backyard and pool, and as much as I love my gardening, it was all becoming too much.”

“I also felt it was important to do it while we’re still able to make our own decisions and have the energy to declutter ourselves! We have 3 children and 10 grandchildren, , so we’re a big family! I get to decide who my beautiful plates go to, and which family member gets what.”

After deciding that Oak Tree was going to be the perfect fit, Max and Lorna moved into the village on their 55th wedding anniversary and have been enjoying their new lifestyle ever since!

They’re both active members of the local community, and love that they get to maintain their independence and continue doing what they love, without the day-to-day maintenance and tasks that come with having a large family home.

“We’re very community orientated – Max does volunteer radio, I’m a CWA lady, I run the Sawtell markets, and I belong to a patchwork and quilters group. We’re also life members of the Comets Rugby League Club and we were the CRL Volunteers of the Year in 2018! We continue our involvement with the club on a regular basis too.”

“Today I’m having an at home day – I’m doing some baking while Max is out at volunteer radio, then when he gets home, we’ll have morning tea, read the paper, and go for a walk later on.”

“It’s just lovely here – we don’t have to mow, my husband doesn’t have to clean the pool, you don’t even have to think about putting the garbage out!”

“I still have the freedom to have a cottage garden in our spacious back yard and Max can grow herbs for the kitchen.”

Max and Lorna have just had a few days away in Evans Head and have an upcoming trip planned to Emu Park with some friends in July. “You can just pack up and go! Grab an overnight bag, throw some clothes and a bit of makeup in it and off you go!”

“You don’t have to worry about getting someone to check the mail or water the plants because Oak Tree does everything.”

“We just love it here.”

For Lorna and Max, this next chapter at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour looks like it’ll be a wonderful one.

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