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From adventurous travels to a serene retirement: Lyn and John find their perfect home at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour.

Lyn and John have embarked on countless adventures together, exploring nearly every corner of the globe throughout the years. More recently in their retirement, they had been travelling Australia in their caravan. 

It was when their wonderful years of travel came to an end, and they started spending more time at home that the idea of downsizing came about.

“Our home was quite large, and the two of us just didn’t need the space. We also knew there was going to be a lot of upcoming maintenance that we didn’t want to deal with”, says John. They’d bought the house specifically to accommodate their truck and caravan, so there was a large driveway to attend to also.

So Lyn and John put their house on the market and began looking at retirement options when Oak Tree Coffs Harbour was still under construction, but when their home sold much faster than expected, they had to move into another apartment building nearby.

“We quickly realised it wasn’t for us because we needed somewhere that was one level and had a garage”, says John.

Luckily, Oak Tree Coffs Harbour ticked all their boxes, and they were able to move in shortly after.

“When we first came to see the village, we were very impressed. We’d had a look at everything in the area, but it was the location of Oak Tree that put it at the very top of our list.”

“We do all our shopping and medical appointments at Toormina Gardens Shopping Centre which is just 5 minutes from the village. It’s so convenient and the perfect fit for our lifestyle.”

For Lyn and John, the best part of making the move thus far has been the people. “Everyone is so nice and easy going here. It’s such a lovely, friendly community to be a part of.”

They also love the fact that they can lock up and leave whenever they like, having peace of mind that their home is secure in the safe hands of Oak Tree.

“We’ve got the freedom to come and go as we please, and if we choose to go away, we know there’ll be no maintenance to attend to when we get back. Oak Tree does everything!”

Since downsizing, John likes to spend most of his newfound free time simply relaxing. Lyn volunteers at the Westpac Helicopter local op shop, which both her and John help to do collections for. For the most part, they’re both just enjoying this new chapter and their hard-earned freedom!

While Lyn and John are both still very independent and making the most of their retirement years, they know that the Oak Tree lifestyle has set them up well for the future. 

“One of the best things about living here is knowing that if either of us have a health concern, we won’t have to worry about where we’re living, and we’ll always know the other person is in good hands.”

With their worries about maintenance put to rest, Lyn and John have discovered a new sense of peace and freedom at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour and look forward to a future filled with fun and new friendships!

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