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Senior couple enjoying the retirement lifestyle at an Oak Tree Retirement Village

A fresh start: Faye and Fred embrace new beginnings at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour.

Faye and Fred were living in Nambucca Heads when they began looking at local retirement options. Eventually they found one that suited their needs, but when they were told they wouldn’t be able to bring their precious staffie Polly with them, they knew it was time to explore other options.

“We heard about the brand-new Oak Tree Coffs Harbour village and realised it suited us perfectly. We have a grand daughter and two great grand children who live in Coffs, so we already spent a lot of time coming up to babysit and help out.”

For Faye and Fred, the move from a large two story, four-bedroom home that they’d lived in for thirty years was overwhelming when they first arrived, but they knew it was the right time to do it. 

“We’d been contemplating moving for a while because the house was getting to the point where we either had to spend more money on it or sell it, and we knew we really didn’t need the space we had.”

“Our family is all close-by, so we didn’t need to have room for people to stay, and most of our grandchildren are grown up and have their own lives.”

“We just felt we needed to downsize and rejuvenate our life!”

The move gave Faye and Fred an excuse to start over completely and go furniture shopping for the first time in over 30 years to deck out their brand-new villa with all new items!

Faye spent her working life in an office for administration health for many years, and when she retired 8 years ago, the last thing she wanted to do was be heavily involved with people. But after making the move, she’s enjoying the company of her new neighbours more than she ever thought possible and loves the fact that they can be part of a special community, without having to be in each other’s pockets.

Prior to moving in, Faye and Fred attended three social events with the other future residents, and really enjoyed socialising with likeminded people who are at a similar stage of life.

“We love that we can all have our own outside interests, but still be interested in each other and maintain that sense of community.”

“There’s always a friendly face to wave to, and we’ve all said to each other that if you ever need anything, we’re just across the way.”

Since downsizing to Oak Tree, Fred hasn’t had to mow the lawn or deal with any home maintenance, leaving him with the newfound freedom and time to do more of what he loves.

“I think we’re actually busier than we’ve ever been!” says Fred.

“I play bowls in Nambucca Heads twice a week, we’ll often do the Sawtell beach walk or head across the way to Stadium Park where Polly loves to run around.”

“With permission we even put in a little outdoor shower so Polly can rinse off in warm water before she goes inside after her walks!”

Faye and Fred are loving that although they’ve downsized, they’ve still got more than enough space, and their new home has been built to suit their needs now and well into the future. “We love that although we don’t need the wider doorways and larger bathrooms right now, if down the track one of us does, we’re already prepared for that.”

“We’ve also conveniently got the hospital right across the way and doctor’s surgery right next door if we ever need them.”

Faye and Fred can’t speak highly enough of their new home and the Oak Tree staff and are looking forward to enjoying their new chapter at the village.

“Although we’ve only been here since February, we can thoroughly recommend the place. We’re really loving it and the villa is perfect for the two of us. We’re both really happy here.”

For Faye, Fred, and Polly, the future at Oak Tree Coffs Harbour looks like it’s going to be one filled with many new friendships and even more new memories.

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