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The new experiences keep coming for Robert and Patricia

Tuesday, 08 September 2020

Robert and Patricia Seymour have very fond memories of a life well lived. Life in retirement continues to bring them new opportunities to live well, and they couldn’t be happier about that.

From growing up and raising a family in the metropolis of Toronto, Canada, to living and working in Perth, Western Australia, to retiring in Kingston, Tasmania, Patricia’s life has delivered a multitude of experiences and even more enjoyment.

This includes travelling to various countries including England, Wales, Bermuda, Montserrat and Antigua in the Caribbean, and Cozumel on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Travel across the provinces of Canada and numerous American states from east to west, north to south, by car and rail, and travel to Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Robert grew up on a farm in country England and has had many great experiences throughout the years, ranging from being a butcher boy delivering local orders on his pushbike, through to driving double-decker buses on the cobble streets of Lincoln, to joining the Royal Air Force at age 17. He was posted at age 19 to Maralinga, South Australia after the atomic bomb was exploded there.

“I remember travelling with the telecommunications truck and was amazed to see large eagles precariously nesting atop the telephone poles,” says Robert. “We also had swarms of budgerigars arriving at the base swimming pool to drink during the summer droughts. They covered the water desperate for a drink.”

Robert enjoyed mixing with the larrikin Aussies during his posting and thinks this was what influenced his decision to immigrate to Perth, Western Australia, where he and Patricia met.

Robert started his own business there, manufacturing physiotherapy couches and associated equipment and consumables which he sold mostly to hospitals and private clinics.

There was still plenty of time for travel.

“We travelled across Australia in our campervan that was ‘cosy’ in real estate speak,” says Patricia. “We visited Tasmania and knew immediately that this was the state which appealed to us most – a moderate climate, not too hot, not too cold, and so many walking tracks and so much gorgeous scenery to photograph.”

“Originally coming from Canada and England we enjoyed the change of seasons, particularly the maple trees’ brilliant display each fall, and winter walks on the beach, no less! Amazing!”

“As time passed, we acknowledged the need for a smaller home with fewer maintenance responsibilities and luckily found that Oak Tree Retirement Villages Kingston, was being constructed nearby,” says Robert.

“It was time to acknowledge our age limitations and retire to an easier lifestyle,” says Patricia.

“We have found that this lifestyle village suits us as it is so friendly, supportive and fun,” says Robert. “We enjoy the activities in our Community Centre and participate when we wish while still retaining our privacy at times. Our neighbours have become our friends, never intrusive, always supportive.”

“Our villa has been our home for the past eight years, and we are so pleased to have been able to relax with fewer maintenance responsibilities, giving us time to travel, have no security issues, maintain our independence, and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Oak Tree Kingston fits the bill,” says Patricia, “with plenty of activities if we wish, but mainly with the like-minded people who are not just our neighbours but our friends, never imposing but always there for a chat and especially for a laugh.”

“To anyone considering a move, I’d say, don’t hesitate. Enjoy your new easier lifestyle with your old and new friends and perhaps new experiences.”

To find out more about Oak Tree Retirement Villages Kingston, Tasmania or for a personal tour, call 1300 367 155.