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Inside our 2024 resident survey: 92% satisfaction rate in Oak Tree communities!

At Oak Tree, resident satisfaction is our top priority. We truly value our residents feedback as it’s essential in guiding our actions to ensure we are delivering supportive, functional communities that they can thrive in!

To gain deeper insights into our residents’ experiences living at Oak Tree, we conducted a comprehensive resident satisfaction survey in March 2024, facilitated by Lucidity Group. The study evaluated resident satisfaction across all Oak Tree villages and resident perception of various aspects of village life. Ultimately, the aim of the survey was to identify if there were areas of improvement and ensure Oak Tree villages remain safe, happy, and functional communities for our residents to enjoy their retirement chapter in!

In order to get the upmost honest and accurate results, resident responses were kept confidential and anonymous. We were incredibly pleased with the willingness of our residents to provide feedback on their life in an Oak Tree community!

Key findings

In summary, each of our satisfaction ratings scored in the ‘high’ range, with overall satisfaction sitting at ‘very high’. The results showed that:

  • 92% of our residents were satisfied overall with their lifestyle at Oak Tree
  • 88% were satisfied with our sales process
  • 90% were satisfied with the level of service at their village
  • 91% were satisfied with the way their village is managed
  • 91% were satisfied with the communication at their village.

Oak Tree also achieved a high net promoter score of 56, meaning the vast majority of residents would recommend the Oak Tree lifestyle to someone else.

Ultimately, we were immensely proud of these results, as they confirmed that our residents love living in our villages, each for their own unique reasons.

Key takeaway

Overall, we discovered through the survey that our residents are very satisfied with their life in their village. At Oak Tree, we are passionate about providing an exceptional retirement lifestyle for our residents and are consequently very proud of the survey results.

We will continue to seek feedback from our residents each year to ensure we are delivering the best possible retirement living offering!

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