Downsize your home, upsize your lifestyle!

5 reasons why you should make the move to retirement living sooner rather than later and useful tips to help you on the journey!

Have you been considering making the transition to retirement living? At Oak Tree, we like to call it ‘rightsizing’, because while you may be downsizing your home, you’re upsizing your lifestyle at the same time!

Besides the many practical aspects of leaving the family home and embarking on a retirement village lifestyle, you may be feeling anxious about what the change will mean.

At Oak Tree, we understand where you’re coming from, and we are here to support you through every stage!

Although the process can be daunting, we’re constantly hearing our residents say they wish they’d done it sooner. A move to Oak Tree means unlocking a whole new world of opportunities – new friendships, social opportunities, great facilities to use at your leisure, less maintenance responsibilities, and so much more. A new home is just the beginning!

If you’ve been exploring your options and wondering when the best time to make the move is, there are several reasons why sooner is better than later.

You’re still fit, active, healthy, and physically capable.

Most people say they’d rather make the move while they’re still physically capable, as it not only makes the process much easier but also means you get to actively enjoy your new environment and its possibilities!

At Oak Tree, our villages are vibrant communities with regular activities and social opportunities on offer, so we always encourage people to make the move while they can make the most of the exciting village lifestyle.

You can say goodbye to home maintenance!

If you’re still in a large family home, chances are there are multiple bedrooms and a big garden not being utilised, but unfortunately, they still need to be cleaned, tidied, and maintained.

Constant maintenance and housework probably isn’t how you imagined spending your well-earned retirement, so the sooner you make the move, the sooner you’ll get to say goodbye to those responsibilities! At Oak Tree, your Village Manager will ensure that the lawns are mowed, all garden maintenance is taken care of, and the façade of your villa is beautifully kept. If you have a green thumb and enjoy managing and tending to your own garden, that’s totally fine too. With the mowing and home maintenance taken care of, many of our residents find that they reconnect with their love for gardening once they make the move!

You’ll be better prepared if you or your partner encounter health issues.  

If you or your partner have any health concerns, proximity to essential services is vital. It’s also comforting being part of a connected community where you are known by name and knowing that if extra support or emergency services are required, they’re easily accessible. This is even more imperative if you live alone.

If you and your partner are completely healthy, living nearby to health and medical services is still optimal in your retirement years as it provides peace of mind for yourself and your family.

You’ll feel safer.

At Oak Tree, our villas and apartments have been designed specifically for seniors, with your safety and comfort front of mind. With well-considered floorplans, layout, and design features like wide doorways and step-free floors, you’ll feel safer here than you would in a large family home. Our retirement communities are also gated, providing that extra layer of peace of mind for our residents.

You’ll have exciting new opportunities to socialise and participate in activities!

As we get older, sadly sometimes our friendships can fade – friends move away to be closer to family, our neighbourhood changes over time, and we can be left feeling lonely. When you make the move to Oak Tree, you’re opening the door to amazing new friendships, new hobbies, and a full calendar of village activities and events to take part in if you wish!

I’ve made the decision to downsize – now what do I do with all my stuff?

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to make the move, you’re faced with the task of sifting through your belongings and deciding what’s coming with you to your new home.

Instead of looking at this as an enormous, looming task, think of it as an exciting opportunity to refresh your life!

Most of us accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ as life goes on – furniture, books, clothes, shoes, mementos, photographs, pictures, papers, equipment for work, sports or hobbies, things that we have collected over the years. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and have some anxiety about what to do with these when it’s time to downsize.

Fortunately, there are multiple things you can do with the items you no longer want, and different options to explore when it comes to the size of your new home. If you prefer a larger space with room for some possessions or visitors to stay, we have one-, two-, and three-bedroom options at Oak Tree, depending on which village you choose. Many of our homes also have garages or extra storage room to accommodate your favourite things!

Furthermore, you can make modifications to your villa at your own cost if you choose – more cupboards, extra shelving, or converting a bedroom into a storeroom. These changes are subject to our approval, but many of our residents enjoy the freedom and choice this allows.

Perhaps you’re ready for a fresh start and are using the move as an opportunity to completely declutter! This can be both liberating and energising. You may already be familiar with Marie Kondo and her philosophy about the joy and art of living a tidy and organised life. If not, this is a great place to start! Take a page out of Marie’s book and ask yourself which possessions still spark joy when you look at them. Clearing away the clutter allows us to live the life we want, and making this space can bring about powerful transformations!

In terms of how to declutter, there are a few options to explore. You could throw a good old-fashioned garage sale or sell items on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree and put the money towards something nice for your new home!

Special and significant items can be gifted to family and friends, and donating other items to charity means that they will enjoy another life with someone who really needs them!

Rightsizing may feel challenging, but at Oak Tree, we want it to be as smooth and stress-free for you as possible. Have peace of mind that the end result is so worth it, and an amazing new lifestyle awaits you on the other side!

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