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In many households and businesses across Australia, a special tradition takes place each year: Cancer Council Biggest Morning Teas. This iconic event connects people from all walks of life over cups of tea and delicious treats, who all share the common goal to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. 1 in 2 Australia’s are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85, and the Cancer Council’s ultimate goal is to change that. Since its inception, they have raised an incredible $11,620,099 through Biggest Morning Tea events and have 22,249 morning tea hosts registered!

The Cancer Council Biggest Morning teas were established with a simple yet powerful objective: to raise vital funds to support cancer research, prevention, support services, and advocacy. Through the collective efforts of individuals, workplaces, schools, and community groups, this annual event plays a crucial role in funding cutting-edge research projects, delivering life-saving prevention campaigns, and providing invaluable support to those affected by cancer. Founded 30 years ago, it is the largest, most successful event of its kind in Australia. 

Heartbreakingly, every Australian has either been directly affected or knows someone who has been affected by cancer, and Biggest Morning Teas present a beautiful and rewarding opportunity to connect over shared stories, and honour the bravery and resilience of cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. The events encourage empathy, compassion, and support, which connects people and creates a network of care amongst the community.

Every year, each of our Oak Tree Retirement Villages support the Cancer Council by hosting Biggest Morning Tea events in their village centres. Our generous residents and attendees from the local community contribute donations in various forms, every cent contributing to driving cancer research forward.

This year, Oak Tree are proud to announce that collectively we raised over $25,270 to support the Cancer Council through Biggest Morning Tea village events throughout May and June! We would like to thank our wonderful residents for their ongoing generosity, and our Village Managers for organising these powerful events! 

The Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Teas are an amazing example of the power of collective action and community spirit. By hosting your own or participating in these events, you can contribute not only to the vital funds needed for cancer research and support, but also the cultivation of a united front against cancer. The events encourage conversations, inspire awareness, and foster empathy. As Biggest Morning Teas continue to grow in impact and popularity, their purpose remains the same – to defeat cancer and improve the lives of all those affected by it.

Oak Tree look forward to supporting the incredible efforts of the Cancer Council through Biggest Morning Tea events for many years to come. 

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