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Benefits of Living In A Gated Community

As we get older and begin the retirement chapter of our life, we have the desire to lead a more carefree lifestyle and say goodbye to certain responsibilities and worries we once had.

Retiring to a gated community is a decision many seniors have made due to the numerous benefits it has, peace of mind being at the forefront. They are particularly seen as essential for those who live alone, as they provide that extra layer of comfort. Listed below are some of the key advantages that come with moving into a gated community.

Safety and Security.

For many people, safety and security are the most important benefits of retiring to a gated community, as only residents and people who have been invited in are able to enter. This means you can have peace of mind when you go to sleep at night or go on holiday, knowing you won’t have to worry about being broken into or having your car stolen.


Gated communities also mean more privacy than you would typically have if you lived in a residential home. You don’t have to worry about passing traffic or anyone walking or exercising outside your home. It also means you won’t have to deal with unwanted guests such as salespeople, door knockers or solicitors.

Sense of Community.

A sense of community is one of the key reasons seniors are drawn to gated communities, especially in recent times due to the isolation and loneliness that many experienced as a result of COVID. At Oak Tree, our residents all pulled together and were able to socialise safely during this difficult time, whether it be picking up shopping for each other to avoid having to go in public places or having drinks on their driveways while social distancing. The communal facilities in gated communities mean you can get to know your neighbours and form long lasting relationships.

Low Maintenance Living.

Living in an Oak Tree gated community means a lower maintenance lifestyle, as the shared facilities and gardens are taken care of by us. You won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, cleaning village common areas or facilities, or even attending to external maintenance of your villa.


We are all looking for certainty and dependability in our lives, especially in a world that is currently quite uncertain. Living in a gated community guarantees your safety and security and gives you peace of mind for your future.

At Oak Tree, all our retirement villages are gated communities that are staffed by a Village Manager, and in some cases a Support Team, who help manage and maintain the village by making sure everything runs accordingly. You can take comfort in knowing assistance is always at hand.

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