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4 reasons why single women are thriving in retirement living!

Across the globe, it has been found that women tend to live longer than men. In 2021, this difference amounted to an average 5-year age gap in the global life expectancy of males and females. Evidently, more and more women are faced with the reality of living part of their retirement chapter without their significant other. At a time of such major change, having the confidence to start a new chapter and regain a purpose in life can be a challenge.

This is why so many single women are turning to retirement living at this pivotal stage of life, to provide them with much-needed companionship and purpose that greatly improves happiness levels and quality of life. In fact, recent data provided by the Property Council of Australia indicates that females account for two thirds of all residents in Australian retirement villages. The feeling of knowing a helping hand is never far away, and the unmatched lifestyle benefits of a purpose-built village are just some of the leading reasons an increasing number of single females are finding solace in retirement living.

In a boutique sized, supportive environment of likeminded people with ample opportunities to stay active and fulfilled, we’re finding that at Oak Tree, our single female residents are enjoying this chapter of life more than they ever thought possible!

Here are 4 reasons why single females are thriving in retirement living.

The retirement village lifestyle can give women a newfound sense of purpose.

Having a network of people in similar situations and at the same stage of life can give you the confidence to socialise, explore new hobbies, enjoy new experiences, and generally get out and enjoy life! Our female residents in particular find companionship amongst each other, providing purpose and new meaning to life, even after loss.

At our Oak Tree villages, there are endless opportunities to explore new pursuits and participate in activities. We have recreational facilities that encourage active living and socialisation through group activity, and a range of external providers who attend the villages to lead workshops for our residents. From chair yoga, gentle movement, and aqua aerobics, to arts and crafts, book club, and Mahjong, there’s always something happening in our villages that all our residents are welcome to attend!

Many of our residents have also introduced their passions like decoupage and mosaicking to their neighbours through workshops and masterclasses held in the community centre! At our villages, there’s always opportunities to connect with neighbours over similar interests and hobbies – start a walking group or a book club, have a movie night in the shared lounge area, or host a cooking class!

Whatever it is you choose to do in your retirement, finding common interests or sharing your passion with others are great ways to find purpose and happiness in your retirement.

Retirement villages foster female companionship.

The beauty of the Oak Tree lifestyle is that you can live independently, but you’re not alone. Many of our residents wish to continue with the routine they had prior to moving in, but just with the added benefits of new facilities to utilise, new social opportunities, and less maintenance responsibilities!

On the other hand, we have a number of residents who join our communities with the hopes of finding companionship and forming meaningful new friendships. This is especially the case with single females who have either lost their partner, or found that as time goes on, the neighbourhood they once knew and loved, wasn’t the same anymore. Often as we get older, we sadly begin to lose friends, some people relocate to be close to family, and the neighbourhood that was once familiar starts to take on a much younger demographic.

At Oak Tree, our villages are the ideal setting for single females to form friendships. While making the move from the family home into retirement living can seem daunting for many, the feeling can be amplified when you’re transitioning on your own. Our communities are boutique in size – an intentional decision to foster close connections and a tight knit environment. The friendly atmosphere means you’ll be surrounded by ready friends who will quickly help you feel right at home!

At Oak Tree, we are also one of the few operators that are pet friendly. If you have an existing furry friend or would like to adopt one for this chapter of life, you’re more than welcome to bring them with you to your new home!

Retirement villages provide women with a sense of security.

There’s a feeling of security and safety that comes with living in a close community of likeminded people. Many of our Oak Tree residents have downsized from large, older family homes that have poor security and potential danger hazards like long flights of stairs or dim lighting.

Living in a single level villa or apartment that is purpose designed to help retirees age seamlessly in place, means the chances of having a fall or needing medical services are minimised. Step-free floors, walk in showers, and wide doorways, all allow for our residents to live comfortably for as long as possible in their new home.

Living within close proximity of others with a Village Manger onsite during the day means that someone is always around to lend a hand and help is never far away should something happen.

Our lower maintenance lifestyle offering also means you’ll never have to worry about the ongoing maintenance responsibilities that come with owning a large family home. You won’t have to spend hours mowing the lawn or risk your safety by climbing a ladder – we strive to make life as easy as possible for you!

When it comes to single women living alone in their later years, retirement villages are the sure choice for living as comfortably and securely as possible.

Retirement villages encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Retirement villages enable and empower residents to get active and live an overall healthier lifestyle by providing recreational facilities that encourage physical activity.

For single women, a daily routine that includes movement is important later in life as it provides purpose and a reason to get out of bed every morning. The facilities within retirement villages are highly convenient and free to attend, making it easy for residents to utilise them. Whether it’s a morning workout in the gym, an aqua aerobics session in the outdoor swimming pool, or a walk through the village grounds, the retirement village lifestyle provides various opportunities to maintain an active routine!

At Oak Tree, we incorporate facilities like outdoor swimming pools, outdoor bowling greens and gyms, that are extension of our residents’ home, and available to use at your leisure. The benefit of building smaller sized communities means you won’t be competing with many people to use them, and often, we find that at Oak Tree, our residents enjoy utilising the facilities together as it adds a social element and keeps them motivated!

From companionship, to the invaluable feeling of being secure, and the endless opportunities to stay active and find your purpose later in life, it’s no wonder so many single women are looking to retirement living as the place to enjoy their next chapter.

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