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About Oak Tree

Who is
Oak Tree?

Oak Tree Group specialises in providing affordable, stylish and secure retirement communities throughout Australia. We are committed to a long term involvement in an industry which we feel passionate about.

Oak Tree Group's Directors
Oak Tree Group’s Directors, who founded the company over a decade ago, continue to be actively involved in the company, avidly focusing on the continuous improvement of all Oak Tree Retirement Villages, as well as the health and lifestyle needs of their residents.

Oak Tree Group owns and operates 31 retirement villages across four states including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

We maintain a focus on both metropolitan and regional locations, demonstrating a commitment to connect with Australian seniors and preserving local communities.

Residents can continue to live locally and age in their communities they know and love.

Offering maintenance-free living and the safety and security of a caring environment, Oak Tree specialises in building smaller more private communities, complete with purpose-built recreational facilities.

Oak Tree is passionate about providing an environment in which our residents can form new friendships and be part of a close knit community whilst continuing to live independently.

Residents living with Oak Tree Group have comfort in the knowledge that their village is registered and operates in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act in their state and all the associated benefits of the legislation.

Oak Tree understands the needs of seniors and has proved themselves as the popular Retirement choice.

The Oak Tree Difference



Oak Tree Retirement Villages is a leading provider of affordable independent retirement living villages throughout the east coast of Australia.
Focus Area

Focus Area

Oak Tree Retirement Villages has both a strong regional and metropolitan focus when it comes to choosing the locations of our villages.


Whether you are looking for yourself or for your loved ones, we welcome all of our residents as part of our Oak Tree family.
The Team

The Team

The Oak Tree Group believes wholeheartedly that all staff benefit from being involved in the village activities. This helps us to learn how best to meet the needs of our residents and ensure continuous improvement to enhance our village offerings.

Benefits & Facilities

Maintenance Free Living

Maintenance Free Living

Many residents make the move to Oak Tree Retirement Villages looking for a lower maintenance lifestyle. Quite often the family home has become too big, the yards and gardens increasingly more difficult to maintain, the house more challenging to clean, and just as soon as everything is tended to, the cycle starts all over again!
Security and Peace of Mind

Security and Peace of Mind

Whether you are on your own or with your spouse, being around like-minded others in a secure community environment can bring a great sense of peace and comfort to you and just as importantly, your loved ones.
Companionship & Social Activity

Companionship & Social Activity

Loneliness, a loss of a spouse or simply coming to the realisation that the area in which you live has changed significantly and people have moved on, is another major reason why many have made Oak Tree Retirement Villages home.
Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

While all Oak Tree Retirement Villages are different, each village offers a selection of facilities and services for our resident's use and leisure.
Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Declining health is the number one cause for concern for seniors and the most influential factor triggering people to consider moving into a retirement village.

Live Better with Oak Tree

Live Better with Oak Tree

Welcome and thank you in advance for taking the time to get to know us. There is much to consider when contemplating a move into a retirement village; location, the villa, the amenities, affordability, and the village management. We trust we can deliver on each of these. Just as important in your consideration, however, is your personal sense of comfort and state of wellbeing, and peace of mind for your family and friends to know that your needs are well cared for.

This is why Oak Tree is passionate about offering more than just a home, but a complete lifestyle experience.

A Sense of Belonging

Our villages have active social communities where residents can be involved in new activities, share a laugh and a conversation, make new friends and belong to something more.

A Sense of Security

Our villages are gated and fenced communities which offer residents a secure environment where they feel safe to walk around the village and feel comfortable within their homes knowing public access to the village is limited.

Maintenance-Free Living

Our staff care for all lawns and gardens and general maintenance around the village. Our residents no longer have the burden of such arduous tasks, and feel a sense of freedom to do the things they enjoy most. Our villages are located as far north in Cairns QLD to as far south in Kingston Tasmania and we’re continually expanding to come to a town near you. Please take the time to peruse our website and see all that Oak Tree has to offer. We sincerely trust Oak Tree can help you find a better way of life to make the most of your retirement years.

Peace of Mind

We offer welcoming environments where residents feel part of a community of friends and trusted neighbours. Our residents feel comfort in knowing there is help and company close by if ever they need it and our friendly village staff are also on hand for assistance.


Who is Oak Tree?

The "Oak Tree Group" or "Oak Tree" is a private company group that develops and operates retirement villages.  The founders of Oak Tree first started to develop (and operate) retirement villages in about 2004 and those founders are still directors and owners In the Oak Tree Group.

Our villages offer a safe, community-focused and low maintenance lifestyle that allows you to savour the finer things in life and get more out of your retirement.

What is the ownership structure of your villages?

We offer an affordable entry model that will help simplify the transition to your new home and lifestyle.

"Loan and Lease” or "Loan and Licence" are the most common purchase structures in the retirement village industry and one of those structures will be available in an Oak Tree village.

There are multiple benefits to those structures, including:

  • No Stamp Duty or GST will be payable by you;
  • Exit fee is only payable once your villa has been resold to a new resident;
  • We will continue to maintain your villa and the village facilities and grounds;
  • We will continue to promote the village to new residents;
  • Oak Tree does not charge any commission to resell your villa; and
  • The reinstatement costs are limited in accordance to the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (QLD).
What are the costs that I need to pay to enter the village?

1. A fully refundable $1,000 holding deposit for your selected villa.

2. A contribution for the legal costs to prepare your purchase contract.

3. Your legal costs for independent review by your solicitor of your choosing.

4. Ingoing Contribution (purchase price) which is payable on commencement of your lease or license.

Are there age restrictions to enter the village?

Our communities are designed for like-minded individuals who are at a similar stage in their lives.

Residents are required to be over 55 years of age. Many of our residents have retired from working full or part time, however this is not a requirement.