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Australia’s leading provider of affordable retirement living

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer an affordable village portfolio spanning across the east coast of Australia.

Delivering high quality homes with empathy

Oak Tree Retirement Villages values every resident; their happiness, independence and well being front of mind.

Supporting Retirees in Regional Towns

Oak Tree Retirement Villages give the chance for seniors to stay in the areas they know and love.

Offering choice in retirement

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offers a choice of locations, design and size of homes, even a choice in price.

Creating carefree communities and support networks for seniors

Creating carefree communities and support networks for seniors – Oak Tree Retirement Villages encourages carefree and low maintenance living within an environment of supporting friends.

Providing certainty, credibility & longevity

Oak Tree Retirement Villages are expanding steadily across Australia.

Building homes to retire in

Oak Tree Retirement Villages designs homes helping seniors to live independently in their villas for longer.

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Why we need to bel...

I have four children separated sufficiently in age for the two older boys to know that Santa is not real. Recently I was at one of our villages and mentioned to one of the residents that the older children take much joy in dismantling the Santa story to the younger ones. She insisted that I should attempt to protect the belief in Santa for…
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