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I hear Warwick

Aug 11, 2016

Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick welcomed guest speakers Sharon and Dee from "I Hear" to the Village to offer an information seminar on hearing loss and aids.
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Jumpers for the trees

Jul 27, 2016

Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick continues the festivities for the Jumper's and Jazz festival this week - the latest addition to their decorations are these knitted trees.
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Knitting up a storm

Jul 20, 2016

With Warwick's famous Jumpers and Jazz festival kicking off this week, Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick residents have been knitting up a storm to decorate the Village Community Centre to celebrate in the fun.
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Just a bit nippy!

Jul 1, 2016

Winter is definitely upon us at Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick where things are...just a bit nippy!
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Jumpers & Jazz comes to Oak Tree

Jun 8, 2016

July is the time of year Warwick hosts the Jumpers and Jazz Festival where the trees in the Main Street are decorated with knitted Jumpers and Jazz music is played all day long.
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Biggest Morning Tea

May 26, 2016

Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick hosted their inaugural Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for the cancer council.
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