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Oak Tree Retirement Village Victoria Point this week launched Five.Good.Friends as an additional care service offering to residents. 

Five.Good.Friends is a local care group who are passionate about offering help to those who need it, in the homes they love. 

"We all need a little help as we get older, and it's easily accessible from within your own home," says Village Manager Jodie.

"Whilst Oak Tree Retirement Village does not offer care, we help coordinate care options so our residents can access help at home without the need for any travel or the need to move as needs change." 

The team from Five.Good.Friends offer flexible, holistic and innovative support which allows residents to access personalised help. A skilled and caring Community Manager is available to meet with individual residents to design a personal plan to match the best help required- be it personal help, domestic help, handyman help, home administration - everything, even down to companionship. 

The program offers a little help or a lot, or can even offer flexible adhoc help if desired. 

"It is a great program and another option for our residents to consider if they need assistance now, or further down the track as their needs change," said Jodie. 

"Residents found the presentation very helpful and enjoyed a quiet cuppa and morning tea afterwards." 


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