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The latest health checks

Oak Tree is always on the look out for new ways to bring good health and wellness opportunities into our Villages. We recently focused on how to detect a stroke before it happens.

Residents eagerly registered for a Stroke Check Australia seminar held at the Village which is a mobile medical service that tests for the risk of stroke, and is 100% bulk billed.

Stroke is the second biggest killer with over 50,000 Australians having a stroke annually.

Stroke Check Australia brings a Doctor, Sonographer and staff to offer personal clinical advice about stroke risk and modifiable risk factors to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Should the attending Doctor deem it medically appropriate; a simple, free test is undertaken which lasts around 10 minutes and involves a cold probe on the neck, ankle and abdomen. A report is printed immediately following the scan, this will be followed by a further discussion with the attending Doctor to outline the results.

A copy of the report is given to take to your local GP to continue your medical care.

"This is a fantastic service and we have been able to offer it to our residnts without them even having to leave the Village," said Peter.






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