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Testimonial - Quita

Meet Quita

I lost my partner Harry ten months after coming here, this meant I had to learn to live alone, which was not easy, but with the love and friendship I found in the village, it made life much easier to adjust.

Testimonial - Daphne

Meet Daphne

Living at Oak Tree, I enjoy bowling indoor and out, happy hour, morning tea and also the other outings.  Just make the will enjoy the lifestyle.

Testimonial - Ken and Margaret

Meet Ken and Margaret

We find the village both very affordable and low maintenance.  Our fees cover almost everything including having a gardener to take care of the lovely community gardens.  If we ever need anything done, our village manager always makes sure our needs are met.  It is so pleasant living at Oak Tree, really, why would we live anywhere else?

Testimonial - Rita

Meet Rita

There is a friendly, easy-going atmosphere throughout the village, the residents are always ready to include you in their social activities, and I would say it is that communal spirit that keeps us all so vital.  Making the move has been a positive experience for me.

Testimonial - Edna

Meet Edna

Knowing I live in a gated community also gives me that sense of security I want.  I now realise I should have come here much earlier, I could have been enjoying myself sooner.

Testimonial - Ken and Jacelle

Meet Ken and Jacelle

The village has a quiet relaxed feel and a strong sense of community created by good caring people.  We look forward to continuing to enjoy the Oak Tree lifestyle for years to come.

Testimonial - Fay

Meet Fay

After my husband passed, my children encouraged me to downsize to a home which would be more manageable. After being at the village for just one month I am adjusting well and I love the peace and quiet that Oak Tree offers. I encourage others to come and see the village for themselves. It’s perfect. I encourage others to come and see the Village for themselves.

Testimonial - John & Anne

Meet John & Anne

We enjoy living at Oak Tree Retirement Village so much it is hard to imagine living anywhere else! It’s so many things – the newness, peacefulness, the sense of security, the friendliness of the community, the lack of housework and garden maintenance required by us, and the pleasant surroundings.