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Skye wins battle with council

Oak Tree Skye residents have been campaigning for a crossing outside the village to get to the shopping centre across the road and recently had some luck!

Initially four years ago, residents were informed that there was not enough road or foot traffic to warrant a pedestrian crossing.

Resident John Banner of villa 6 resumed the battle with council and Vic Roads last year and after lobbying support from our local MP and councillor, Vic Roads and Frankston City Council have agreed that some form of crossing is now deemed necessary!

Work started on Monday to install a refuge island in the middle of the road and on lowering kerbs on both sides of McCormicks road to accommodate disability scooters and walkers. Completion should be by the end of  this week.

This is a feather in the cap for the safety of Oak Tree residents, assisting them in getting to their favourite supermarket and shopping centre across the road.

A huge thanks to John Banner from everyone here at Skye. 





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John Banner

John Banner

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