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Skye Residents Get Fit

Once isn't enough, twice isn't enough, but three times a week our mean, lean, fighting machine residents in Skye get together to work out and get fit during their exercise classes held in the community centre.

Mainly consisting of a lot of stretching and balance work, anyone can join in and regulars have started to notice a real positive change in their fitness level and general manoeuvrability/ flexibility and muscle tone.

Residents all encourage each other along and have a lot of fun and a few laughs. 

Keep up the good work everyone. Summer is just around the corner so it is the time to get fit and feel well.



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Mean Keen Fighting Machines

Mean Keen Fighting Machines

Oak Tree Skye Residents work together to get fit

"Working out our beach bods" jokes Val

Nothing is taken too seriously - it's about having fun

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