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Retirement living made easy

Retirement living made easy

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Providing you with certainty

Providing you with certainty

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Our residents always ask

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  Because we know you manage your money carefully throughout your retirement, Oak Tree Retirement Village Skye aims to ensure our villas are affordable. This allows more people the opportunity to enjoy a care-free retirement lifestyle with Oak Tree. In fact, many Oak Tree residents have capital left over from the sale of their family home when they purchase at Oak Tree.

Your costs to purchase a home at Oak Tree Retirement Village Skye include:

  1. Purchase Price – payable upfront
  2. Exit Fee – payable when you sell your villa
  3. General Service Charge – payable throughout your length of stay


Purchase Option Explained

Secure your villa for a discounted purchase price but take no share of the capital gain upon the resale of your villa. An exit fee is payable at the time of resale and is collected at settlement. The exit fee is calculated on your original purchase price and is scaled upwards year on year of your stay up to a maximum of 26% over 5 years. The scale works as follows:

  • Year 1: 6%
  • Year 2: 11%
  • Year 3: 16%
  • Year 4: 21%
  • Year 5: 26%

Under this model our villas are more affordable and you can potentially have more cash left over from the sale of your home to save, pass on to your grand children or use now to enjoy your retirement. It also means you have a greater certainty in understanding what your return on your investment with Oak Tree will be no matter what the condition of the real estate market at the time of sale.