Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is Oak Tree Retirement Villages?
Oak Tree Retirement Villages is a group of villages aptly named, The Oak Tree Group. It is a privately owned, family company which was founded in 2004 to service the growing need for quality and affordable homes for Australia’s ageing population. Our aim is to provide real value for money for Australian seniors by continually setting the benchmark for delivering stylish, modern homes within retirement village communities. For more information about The Oak Tree Group please visit our corporate website.
How many Oak Tree Retirement Villages are there?
The Oak Tree Group has villages stretching along the east coast of Australia from as far north as Cairns in Queensland, to as far south as Kingston in Tasmania. To view all Oak Tree Villages please visit our corporate website or follow our “Find Another Village” link.
Who can become a resident of Oak Tree Retirement Villages?
If you or your loved ones are over the age of 55 (or if you have a partner who is) and you want a home that has a maintenance free yard, offers a range of convenient facilities, and you’re fit and healthy enough to live independently, then we would love for you to part of our Oak Tree community. Whether you are single or part of a couple, Oak Tree Retirement Village can offer the right balance of affordable living with the luxury of convenient facilities.
Will I/we own our villa?
When you purchase a villa at Oak Tree you will purchase a licence to reside in your villa for life, rather than own the title to the property. When you purchase your villa you can live in the village and enjoy the community facilities for as long as you wish. Your rights are the same as if you owned the title of your villa. Our village is registered and operates in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act of Queensland and your tenure is 100% secure.
What is the first step to take if I want to purchase a Villa?
Make an appointment with our Village Manager who will provide you with additional information and answer any further questions you may have. Operators of retirement villages are required to provide intending residents with a Public Information Document (PID) that contains information about the facilities, fees & charges, maintenance reserve fund & capital replacement fund information, resident's rights & obligations, resale process, and village & accommodation information. You are required to sign a Resident Agreement as part of your sales contract.
Do I need to sell my home before entering into a contract with Oak Tree?

You can keep your current home as an investment or choose to sell it. In most cases, our residents need to sell their home to raise funds for their new life with Oak Tree.

Your villa contract may be signed subject to the sale of your home (normally allowing 2-3 months for the sale to occur). If you don’t sell your home within this time frame then you, or Oak Tree, may end the contract. However, you may be able to receive an extension if both parties are agreeable.

Our Sales Consultant will work closely with you to ensure the timing of selling your home and settling on your new villa, flows smoothly. You can feel secure in knowing your $1,000 deposit is 100% refundable at any time.

What upfront deposits are required when I sign up to purchase a villa at Oak Tree?
If you don’t want to miss out on buying your favourite villa you can reserve it with a $1,000 fully refundable deposit. Our Village Manager will work closely with you to ensure that the timing of selling your home and settling on your new villa flows smoothly.
Can I make any changes to the villa I purchase?
You can customise your villa to suit your personal taste by making some changes to the interior/exterior. Please have a chat with your Village Manager first as you will need to get their approval. Oak Tree villas are built to a high standard so you can move straight in. You will need to budget for any additional changes you want to make to your villa.
Can I purchase a villa as an investment and rent it out?
Unfortunately no. Because you are purchasing a license to live in the villa, rather than a title (to own the property) you need to reside at your villa until the time you decide to sell.
How does government legislation protect the rights of village residents?

All retirement village operators must work in line with specific legislation that protects the rights of residents, and because Oak Tree Retirement Village Yeppoon is located in Queensland we uphold the requirements of the Queensland Retirement Village Act 1999. In very broad terms, the purpose of this legislation is to clearly outline the rights and obligations of both residents and operators. It also aims to ensure that the operator provides you with enough information so you fully understand what those rights and obligations mean for you.

Oak Tree always places the interest and wellbeing of residents as a top priority. We are always here to answer questions and offer information upfront. You can contact us anytime or for more detailed information about the legislation, visit or the Queensland Retirement Village Association website.

Can I leave my villa to a family member when I pass away?
Since you are purchasing a license to live in the villa, rather than a title (to own the property), your villa needs to be re-sold to a new resident over the age of 55. The proceeds from the sale of your villa can then be passed on to your estate.
What happens when I want to sell my villa?
Notify your Village Manager that you wish to terminate your license to occupy your villa. Your villa will then be assessed to determine if any refurbishment work needs to be completed to “make good” your villa prior to it being advertised for sale. Oak Tree will work with you to help you decide on a price, usually in line with current market value, and marketing will commence to promote your home. Oak Tree can manage the sale of your property for minimal selling costs, or you may choose to use an external Real Estate Agent.
How much will I be charged to refurbish my villa when I leave?
As your resident agreement will advise, you are required to return your villa to a similar standard to that in which it was when you first moved in (capital improvements such as additional fans, curtains, external awnings etc which you may have added are excluded). Refurbishment costs are resident costs. Exactly how much you will be expected to outlay really depends on how long you have lived in the village and the level of wear and tear on your villa.
Are there any selling costs associated with the sale of my villa?
Similar to a Real Estate Agent, Oak Tree will coordinate a marketing program to effectively market your villa to the public. Some selling costs may be passed onto the resident, payable at settlement. If this is the case, the costs will be presented to the resident for approval prior to the marketing program commencing. Oak Tree Retirement Village does not charge commissions, unlike an independent Real Estate Agent.
What is a weekly service fee?
Similar to a body corporate fee, weekly service fees cover costs such as council rates, Village Manager wages, building insurance, upkeep of the village infrastructure, lawn & garden maintenance and administration. You will need to budget for additional personal expenses such as electricity, telephone, contents insurance and any other chosen services you may wish to connect to your villa, such as Foxtel or the internet.
By how much and how often will the weekly service fee increase?
Oak Tree holds an Annual General Meeting with the residents to discuss and review the village operational budget. Typically, the weekly service fee only increases in line with CPI (the general average increase of costs across all goods and services), and when other expenses such as council rates increase. Oak Tree is committed to maintaining an affordable village levy and continually investigates opportunities to maintain quality trades and service people at affordable rates.
What is an exit fee?

Officially referred to as a Deferred Management Fee (also known as an exit fee or departure fee) it is the most common financial structure for Retirement Villages in Australia.

This concept was originated in the 1950’s to meet the growing demand for affordable senior housing. It provides an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of community style living at an affordable price which is recouped at your time of leaving in the form of a Deferred Management Fee.

Your Sales Representative or Village Manager can explain to you how it is calculated and the options available to you.

Does Oak Tree offer nursing care?
While Oak Tree is an independent living village and does not provide health care services, we do have strong working relationships with several registered care providers who regularly visit our village to attend to the care needs of our residents. Your Village Manager can provide you with the contact numbers and help coordinate an assessment to ensure you receive appropriate help, whether you need it now or further down the track.
Is there 24 hour emergency assistance available?
You can access an emergency assistance line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want access to this service, simply let us know before you move into the village and we can ensure the system is installed and connected for you. There are different emergency assistance packages available. Your Village Manager can discuss these with you and help you to make the right decision to accommodate your needs. This optional service has a weekly fee, paid directly to the service provider.
Do you have links to aged care facilities in the area?
While we have no formal links with aged care facilities, we can introduce you to local care providers who will arrange an assessment of you to determine your care needs. Unfortunately entry into an aged care facility is based on a level of need, rather then an automated entry based on the fact that you live in a retirement village. Oak Tree can however, help cater to your care needs by coordinating external care providers to visit you at the village and perform an assessment of you to help you get the care you need.
What is the role of the Village Manager?
The Village Manager is there to uphold the culture of the community and ensure all maintenance and general repairs are attended to in a reasonable timeframe and in accordance with the operations budget. They oversee the day-to-day running of the village and organise a calendar of social activities and events.
Are pets allowed?
Your pet is part of your family and is welcome in the village. Oak Tree has a pet policy that ensures all residents, including non-pet owners, feel at home and relaxed in our villages. Before you start your life at an Oak Tree Retirement Village you’ll need approval from the Village Manager before bringing a pet into the community.
Can family and friends stay with me at the village?

Guests are welcome to stay in your villa subject to compliance with the terms of your resident contract and the village rules. We require residents to let the Village Manager know, so that they are aware of some ‘new faces’ in the village.

Your grandchildren and guests are more than welcome to join you in using the village recreational facilities, as long as they are with a resident of the village and complying with the village rules.

What happens when I go on holidays?
You can rest assured your home and garden will be looked after and your mail is secure. All we ask is that you please advise the Village Manager of how long you will be away so a close eye may be kept on your home and belongings.
Can I garden around my villa?
The common grounds will be maintained by the village staff in accordance with the village budget. However, if you are a keen gardener please speak to your Village Manager about helping to take care of the garden outside of your villa.
What is the process if I wish to leave the village in the future?
You may terminate your right to reside in the village by providing Oak Tree with 1 month’s written notice of your intent to vacate your villa. Upon vacating your villa, Oak Tree will undertake reinstatement works if required and prepare the villa for resale. Oak Tree will keep you informed throughout this process.
What is reinstatement / refurbishment?
Reinstatement / refurbishment work is completed on all villas in preparation for resale. Replacement and repairs are undertaken to bring the villa to a marketable condition. Oak Tree provides written quotes for approval.