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Kanwal Village Pricing


Weekly Recurrent Charge

2 & 3 Bedroom $129.80 per week

The cost to operate the Village is funded by the residents through the payment of Weekly Recurrent Charges.

The Weekly Recurrent Charges fund the costs associated with the day-to-day management and maintenance of the Village.

Additional costs for you are your personal utilities (telephone and electricity) and contents insurance.

Please note: The weekly recurrent charge is reviewed and amended anually on July 1st.

The Total Operating Costs funded by the Weekly Recurrent Charge include (but are not limited to):

  • Council rates, water, waste and sewerage services;
  • External pest control (annually);
  • Air conditioning servicing (annually);
  • External maintenance of your villa;
  • Internal maintenance (fixtures and fittings only) of your villa;
  • External pressure cleaning of all buildings and common areas (annually);
  • Garden maintenance for all common areas and yards;
  • Insurance of the Village‚Äôs community facilities and the structural components of the Villas;
  • Lights and power costs for common areas and the Village Centre;
  • Management costs including the Village Manager and support team salaries;
  • Administration costs including postage, printing, stationery and IT costs; and
  • Taxes and statutory costs.

Purchase Structure

When you purchase a right to reside in an Oak Tree unit, you will enter into a Loan and Lease agreement forming your Residence Contract.

The nature of this right means that you will not need to pay stamp duty or GST.

The purchase model that Oak Tree offers means that you will pay a departure fee, commonly known as an exit fee, when you leave the village. This is the most commonly used model used by retirement village operators and is unique to the retirement sector.

The departure fee gives us the flexibility to discount the purchase price of a unit upfront for similar or comparable property in the local area. The departure fee is not a penalty, it is an opportunity for residents to fund a better-quality lifestyle by maximising residual capital from the sale of their current home.

While you are not purchasing the freehold title to your unit, you will be a registered interest holder of a long-term lease, with all the protections afforded by the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (NSW), your tenure will be fully secure.

When you leave the village, the right to reside in your unit will be resold to a new resident. When this happens, Oak Tree will pay you an exit entitlement (by way of refund of the Ingoing Contribution that you paid), less your departure fee and some ancillary costs (as detailed in your Residence Contract).

We will fund all refurbishment costs to ensure the dwelling is returned to saleable state.

The Departure Fee payable is based on the purchase price

  • Maximum departure fee of 36% (accrued over 6 years) is calculated on the purchase price (ingoing contribution)
  • 50% share of any future Capital gain
Purchase Structure