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Park Avenue's surprise visitor

A very proud Edna Thorogood was delighted when her son, Sergeant Major Colyn Thorogood, took time out to visit his mum at the village before the start of a full-scale military training exercise "Tailsman Saber" at Shoalwater Bay, just north of Rockhampton. 

Colyn has spent 18 years in the army serving in East Timor and Afghanistan.  He is currently stationed in Townsville, and along with 28,000 Australian and US troops, is preparing for this massive military exercise. 

Edna was over the moon to see her son. Nothing puts a smile on a mother's face more than a surprise visit from a son or daughter.  Thank you Colyn for making your mum one happy lady.  

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and return soon. We all love to hear your stories and see Edna's beaming smile. 

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Edna & Son Sergeant Major Colin Thorogood

Edna & Son Sergeant Major Colin Thorogood

Colyn made a surprise visit home to visit mum

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