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Park Avenue's bush poet wins award

During Natural Water Week in Rockhampton, friends of our resident bush poet, Rita Diplock, suggested she enter a competition in the local paper to write a song about water promoting Fitzroy River Water.  After sleeping on the idea, she decided to take up the challenge. There were several categories to enter and with a chuckle thought she would well and truly qualify for the over 17 category and got down to business pencilling the lyrics to her song "Water" set to the chorus of the old Australian folk song ‘Flash Jack from Gundagai’( all among the wool boys....).

And would you believe she was awarded first prize! She received this certificate of appreciation and a bag full of freebies from the Fitzroy River Water in recognition for effort.

Well done Rita. We thought we would share her song here:

You will find that water is a slippery, sloppy mass
Made by a combination of two diff’rent kinds of gas
There’s hydrogen and oxygen, both easy to ingnite
But put these two together and for water they’re just right.

Our towns are built near rivers by the good man and his wife
For those who settled on the land knew water nurtures life.
But when there is a drought and all the land is parched and dry
The farmers hope and pray for some to fall out of the sky.

The rivers and the creeks, all like a myriad of veins
Roll out this precious lifeblood to the dry and dusty plains.
So please keep harmful substances out of each watercourse
And do not waste water; it’s a limited resource.

So much in life is water based including me and you
And don’t forget  how much you use each time you flush the loo.
Though hot or cold or in between, there’s one thing you can bet
Whatever form you find it you know water’s always wet.

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Resident Bush Poet Rita Diplock wins award

Resident Bush Poet Rita Diplock wins award

For Natural Water Week

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