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Park Avenue learns fire safety

Alan and Everet from the local fire department visited Oak Tree Park Avenue to give our residents a lesson in fire safety.

With a number of fires regularly caused in the kitchen Alan and Everet based their demonstration around a cooking van showing what to do in the case of a fire on the stove.

Alan was decked out in protective gear which he certainly needed as he demonstrated what NOT to do when he threw water on an oil fire. The flames exploded forcefully and went so high the were licking the roof of the van. It was easy to imagine what that would be like in your own kitchen.

Alan then showed us the correct way to put out an oil fire by laying over a fire blanket to deny the fire of oxygen.

It was a very educational session. Oak Tree takes fire safety extremely seriously and does regular test fire alarms and has elected fire wardens for everyone's safety.


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Alan & Everet from the fire departement

Alan & Everet from the fire departement

demonstrating the effects burning oil on a stove

Showing the correct use of a fire blanket

Showing the correct use of a fire blanket

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