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Three birthday's in one at Park Avenue

Everyone deserves a special day on their birthday and at Oak Tree, we believe the more the merrier.

Each month we get together in the community centre to celebrate all the birthdays that occur in the current month, at a joint group morning tea hosted by the village social club.

This month we celebrated the birthdays of Audrey, Jim and Shirley - with a cake of course.

There was plenty to go around and share amongst guests and there was plenty of conversation and laughter throughout the morning.

If we know anything about the Park Avenue residents - they are always looking for excuses to have a party or a get-together - good thing birthdays roll around every year!

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Audrey, Jim & Sheila

Audrey, Jim & Sheila

cutting thier birthday cake

Plenty of cake to share around!

Plenty of cake to share around!

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