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Oak Tree awareness in Grand Canyon

Our proud Goodna residents paraded the Oak Tree brand around the Grand Canyon. 

On an exciting trip off to the States recently, resident Lorraine said she was more then proud to don the Oak Tree hat throughout her adventures - calling it her "trusty travel companion."

Sighted here enjoying the views of the spectacular Grand Canyon, and taking a million photos, Lorraine and partner Les had a thoroughly enjoyable trip and are just one of the couples from Oak Tree  Goodna who have taken off on overseas adventures this year. 

Living in a retirement village makes it much easier to just up and leave on a holiday and residents are content in the knowing that their villa remains safe and cared for, their gardens are maintained, their mail is collected and stored and that it will all safely be there for them when they return. 






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Lorraine at the Grand Canyon

Lorraine at the Grand Canyon

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