The strength of regional Australia

The strength of regional Australia

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 Categories Oak Tree Group

Last week we spent time on the road (again) traveling around sites in the Hunter Valley and northern NSW. We have a number of new projects underway in Boolaroo, Rutherford and Mudgee, all of which have seen strong interest from the local community. Despite the ongoing drought conditions plaguing most of NSW at present, there is a sense of resilience amongst these communities. They have been here many times before of course but the challenges are significant.

It’s one of the things that attracts Oak Tree to these regional communities. Strength of character, the ability to battle adversity but perhaps most importantly, a commitment to local community and the people in it, both the young and those who are a little older. These cities and towns actually survive on this strength and resolve….it’s what binds the community together where each and every person has value to add.

At Oak Tree, a commitment to regional communities is what we have built the business on over the last 15 years or so. Our primary aim is to keep people in these communities throughout their retirement years. They are the reason these communities survive and thrive and it is critical to their quality of life that they can be afforded a stress free lifestyle in their home towns.

As we open more regional communities, we open the door to many more local people. By helping to keep our seniors local, we know from experience that this will lead to stronger and more stable regional communities in the future.

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Warm regards, Mark.