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Simple, everyday tasks that can improve your mental wellbeing

Thursday, 11 February 2021

If you’re wanting to improve your mental wellbeing, it can be overwhelming at first to know where to begin. The best way to implement lifestyle changes you will stick to is by starting small. Begin by introducing simple habits like the ones listed below, and eventually work your way up to your larger goals – these could be things like implementing and committing to a daily meditation or exercise routine, establishing a sleep schedule, practicing mindfulness every day, or improving your diet.

Listed below are three simple tasks that can be easily implemented into your everyday routine and can have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.

Start a 5-minute journal.

Five-minute journals are a tool you can use every day to improve your mental wellbeing and your outlook on life. Each morning, the journal gives you questions to answer such as “what are you grateful for today?” and “what would make today great?” Answering these prompts every morning will ensure you begin your day in a positive mindset and with the purpose of having a great day.

At the end of each day before bed, the journal gives you questions to answer like “what amazing things happened today?” and “how could you have made today better?” These will help you offload any thoughts you have about your day onto paper, clearing your mind and allowing you to sleep better and wake up feeling recharged.

Many people find that through using the journal everyday they become more present, positive, grateful, and set on achieving their future goals.

You can purchase the journal here: or download it from the app store.

Do something creative every day.

Tapping into the creative part of your brain every day can be very beneficial for both your mind, and body. When you’re immersed in a creative practice, you can enter a mental state called ‘the zone’ or ‘flow’, which helps to reduce stress levels and leave your mind and body feeling calm. It’s also great for improving focus and taking your mind off negative thoughts if you feel like they’re consuming you. Some fun ways you can channel your creativity are through colouring books, creative writing, painting, drawing, photography, reorganising, sewing, cooking, or creating vision or mood boards.

Spend time in nature every day.

The benefits of spending time in nature everyday are unmatched. It can increase happiness, and improve your vision, sleep, immune system, and physical health. It can also help to reduce feelings of stress and anger and help you feel more at ease. Fun, creative things you can do outside amongst nature include planting a vegetable or herb garden, building terrariums, having a picnic, taking photos, playing bocci, flying a kite, or light aerobic activity such as stretching, yoga, or Pilates.

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