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More time for what really matters

Monday, 31 May 2021

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Perhaps the most prevalent reason so many Australian seniors are choosing the Oak Tree lifestyle is the fact that it means they have less to worry about, and more time to spend doing what they love, with whom they love.

Oak Tree’s low maintenance lifestyle means seniors have the luxury of spending more quality time with their loved ones. Time consuming tasks like garden maintenance, lawn mowing, and general repairs are all taken care of by the onsite Village Manager and grounds staff, so seniors who are physically unable to maintain the large family home, are no longer forced to burden family members with the task. Instead, time can be spent relaxing in their villa or enjoying the village facilities with friends and family.

Having less to worry about means more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy. Oak Tree Kingston resident Jan is a long-time artist with a passion for painting. Since moving into the village, she has more time than ever to spend painting landscapes from photographs she took when she and her husband David travelled Australia in their caravan. They now have quite the collection of paintings from all of the destinations they visited over the years. “We never saw ourselves living in a retirement village,” says Jan. “But look at us now, we’re thriving.”

Lynne and Rob Waller, Oak Tree Mudgee residents, also love the newfound freedom and extra time they have since moving into the village. “The day we were first introduced to Oak Tree, we really liked that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything again,” says Lynne. “We could see we’d have our own space and yet we’d be part of a lovely community.”

With so little to worry about, Lynne and Rob have more time to continue doing what they enjoy. They are both very involved at Mudgee Uniting Church and Lynne in the wider Uniting Church community, as well as the local choir. Together they have many friends to visit and many who call on them.

Residents Lawrie and Margaret at Oak Tree Park Avenue are also thriving and enjoying life in their two-bedroom villa. “There’s always something happening at the community centre here at Oak Tree, and if you wish to, you can join in too.” “You have the freedom to pick and choose what you want to do and what’s right for you.”

“We have a carer come in and visit us now due to Margaret’s health and because some of the chores are getting beyond me. It means I have more time to do all the things I prefer to do.”

“We’ve had several overseas trips and we’ve simply told the manager how long we’d be away for, and then we locked up and went knowing everything would be secure.”

“We are very happy in our two-bedroom villa and the family are happy that we’re here. Our son lives in Rockhampton and our daughter is in Brisbane. With us having two bedrooms, our daughter can stay when she comes to visit – she’s a teacher and generally tries to come up during the school holidays.”

“We really do have the freedom to live the life we want.”

Spending time with loved ones is so important and every moment counts, especially as we move into our senior years. A low maintenance lifestyle means time spent together will be memories cherished forever.

Choosing the Oak Tree lifestyle means the freedom to spend more time doing what you love, with whom you love. To find out more about Oak Tree Retirement Villages call 1300 367 155.