I Made The Move

Monday, 08 April 2019

Kathryn Barnes used to be one of those people who firmly declared they would never move into a retirement village. Now the spritely 71-year-old is happily settled in the Oak Tree Retirement Village and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“I am a very straight speaking person and always thought a retirement complex would be awful,” Kathryn said.

“I have definitely changed my tune and happily admit to being completely wrong. Moving into Oak Tree has made me feel safe and secure.

“The staff and residents are friendly and helpful and everyone respects each other’s privacy.”

Kathryn moved into Oak Tree two years ago after she became increasingly concerned about looking after a large house and garden.

“I needed to settle somewhere where I could live independently, safely and comfortably with some support.

Kathryn can attest that you don’t stop living when you move into a Retirement Village – life just gets easier.