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Oak Tree Group COVID-19 Update #2

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Dear Residents/Employees,

Due to the daily changes in Federal and State Government regulations, Oak Tree Retirement will be providing regular updates relevant to our residents, employees and communities.

These will be distributed via email or in hard copy where safe to do so.

What is happening in Oak Tree Retirement communities?

To date our communities are reflecting the care and compassion of the broader community. Residents have responded well with limiting their interactions and acting responsibly in the face of the developing COVID_19 situation. We commend those that have complied and also those who have assisted others at this time.

What restrictions apply to me?

Oak Tree Retirement communities are places of independent living and are not aged care centres. Consequently, we do not have the authority to restrict the movements of residents and visitors other than limiting access to shared facilities. Each resident is responsible for their conduct and compliance with the regulations of their state.

We understand that each states restrictions are different. Public Health authorities are also issuing directives where required to respond to local cases. We will also monitor these and comply with any additional restrictions or recommendations.

As we monitor and comply with evolving requirements we will also share information to assist you in complying. At the end of the Letter there are link to the Australia Government Coronavirus Alerts and links to information issued by each state where we have retirement villages.

What do I do if I receive a positive COVID_19 test result?

Residents who receive a positive COVID_19 test result, or a health directive to isolate, should immediately inform your Village Manager or contact us on 1300 367 155. Providing us with immediate notice of any changes to your circumstances allows us to support you and minimise risk to other residents.

What is Oak Tree doing to comply?

Oak Tree Retirement have taken the following actions:

  • Cancelled events and social activities at the village
  • Closure of the community centre
  • Closure of the community facilities
  • Banning visitors from entering the community centre
  • Advising residents to limit visitors to their villa in line with the Government’s guidance
  • Revised registration process for all visitors to the Oak Tree office with strict hygiene protocols in place
  • Requiring residents to inform the village of any recent overseas travel and to self-isolate for the full 14-day period if a resident has been out of Australia
  • Suspension of non-essential bus trips & social distancing on necessary trips
  • Suspension of non-essential services in enclosed spaces
  • Postponing non-essential maintenance in resident villas
  • Providing regular updates to residents about changing requirements
  • Village Manager remains on site during business hours while maintaining social distancing practices
Will I be able to continue to come and go from my community?

The movements of residents are determined by the regulations of the State and Federal Governments. Contact with others is also influenced by any directives from health departments and officials in each jurisdiction.

All Australia citizens are being asked to follow social distancing guidelines. For information on what this means inside and outside your home please follow the link below on Social Distancing.

Australian Social Distancing

If there is a need to change the access and entry requirements this will be communicated and arrangements put in place.

I don’t have the internet. Where do I find up to date information?

We are aware that some residents have little or no access to electronic forms of communication such as email, internet or social media. Please contact us if you require assistance with access to information and we will provide printed copies of approved government advice in a safe contactless manner.

We are here for you

It is important that any resident who requires assistance contacts their Village Manager or on 1300 367 155 . This includes access to groceries, prescriptions and other critical items if required.

We are in this together

As people all over Australia adapt to the changing regulations and restrictions impacting our movements and our public spaces, we want to thank our communities for their co-operation to date.

Please find below a summary of relevant advice as well as links for further information and updates.

Do not hesitate to contact 1300 367 155 with any queries or concerns you have throughout this challenging period.

Current advice as at Tuesday 01 April 2020

Links to relevant information

Australian Government

Queensland Government Coronavirus Alerts

New South Wales Government Coronavirus Alerts

Victorian Government Coronavirus Alerts

Tasmanian Government Coronavirus Alerts