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Memories on Display

There is something interesting about looking back at old pictures and that is exactly what our residents are doing at Oak Tree Retirement Village Yeppoon. 

New picture boards have been donated to the village and now display some pictures of Oak Tree's early days. 

"We had some pictures laying around of what our village looked like when it was still under construction and our residents have been interested to see how much this place has transformed over the years - from nothing to a Village with residents, blossoming gardens and a lively atmosphere," said Village Manager Jenny Brown. 

"Residents also have enjoyed looking back at past events and fun moments which we have shared in the village and have now displayed on a second picture board.

"We have made so many good memories here, it's lovely to put some of them on display and to keep changing them over every couple of weeks. 

"The residents never know when their photo is going to be up on the board and enjoy having a glance whenever they have a spare moment. 

"We are actually finding they are great conversation starters," said Jenny. 

The boards were donated by Jenny's husband, James.  



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Early Days Board

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