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Maintenance a thing of your past

There comes a time when every house is due for some maintenance and repair, but as a resident of Oak Tree, maintenance is a thing of your past. 

When it comes time that your gutters need cleaning, roofs need replacing or your external walls need repainting Oak Tree is fully responsible to get the job done. 

Some of the homes at Oak Tree Boronia Heights have been getting a fresh lick of paint this week and are looking as good as new.  Our professional painters have been doing a detailed job whilst our residents have been busy going on with life as per normal. 

The Capital Replacement fund which is kept by Oak Tree funds all external maintenance and repairs throughout the village, including any repair to communal facilities, and helps protect the value of the asset. This means Oak Tree residents always enjoy a comfortable and well-kept home setting.

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Oak Tree's professional painter

Oak Tree's professional painter

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