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Life in Cairns for John & Sharon

Life in Cairns for John & Sharon

When John and Sharon McLeod moved into Oak Tree Retirement  Village Cairns about 3 years ago they bought their Australian Silky Terrier, Connor, with them.

John and Connor are seen each day going for their regular walks around the village and outside as well. Connor is always keen to go for a walk and keen for a pat and attention when anyone stops to chat.

John and Sharon's yard is fenced and has ample grass to satisfy Connor's needs. Coming from a large house, John and Sharon have had to downsize, just the same as most people moving into the village, but have adapted well to the change and made adjustments to their villa to accommodate their changing lifestyle.

Sharon has always been a keen gardener and has adapted her garden from a large yard to working now with smaller plants and she now has a passion for air plants (Tillandsias), and she has some beautiful specimens. They are easy to look after and maintain.

John and Sharon enjoy their oasis that they have created in their back patio area and regularly entertain family and friends here. John still enjoys his hobby, Karoake, and has been lucky enough to bring his 'music machine' in the village and house it in the community centre, where residents can come down of a Wednesday evening and enjoy a singalong, a few drinks and lots of laughs.




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