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Kingston's Snug & Warm Winter Activities

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What is the best thing about cold weather? Staying indoors where it is snug and enjoying some quiet activities. 

There is no better time than winter to sit down with a hot beverage and work away on a jig saw puzzle and who can blame our Kingston residents for doing just that, during this cold and wet season. 

We are lucky enough to have a large assortment of different puzzles donated  to the community centre through our various residents and our residents love to pop in for an hour or two in their spare time to contribute to the puzzle and watch it slowly take shape. 

The great thing about puzzles is they can be completed by the individual but also as part of a group - very rarely is there not someone looking over the shoulder of someone else to spot that difficult piece first. 

With the fire going,  some morning tea and a puzzle to keep the brain active - no wonder some of our residents sit here most of the day! How cosy!


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