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Kingston's New Game

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Pool is a favourite pass time at Oak Tree Retirement Village Kingston, but thanks to the creativity of resident John Brain, the Kingston residents now have a new way to play.

Shaking up the competition, John devised a new game called "Sixty-One" and residents have more than enjoyed the new challenge.

Here are the game rules in case others are intersted. 

Set up 15 numbered balls in the following pattern: 


                         2         3

                    6          5       4 

                7       8        9       10

         15      14    13     12      11

Game rules:

  1. Decide who is to break first. Alternate between games.
  2. The cueball is always spotted on the centre spot on the baulk-line, or close behind it if that spot is occupied.
  3. The balls may be pocketed in any order.
  4.  The "number" on any ball (or balls) legally pocketed in a strock is added to the player's score (score kept on snooker scoreboard).
  5. The player continues until a stroke fails to pocket any ball, or a foul is committed. 
  6. The winner of a game is the player to score 61 or more points. If opponents tie on 60, then each drives a ball down table; on its return, closest to baulk-cushion wins the game. 
  7. Fouls occur when:- 
  • cueball goes in pocket - re spot it; score any balls pocketed and lose turn.
  • cueball leaves table - re spot it, score any balls pocketed and lose turn.
  • any other ball leaves table - score its value to opponent; place in a pocket, not back on table; lose turn. 
  • player hits ball than cue-ball with any part of cue  - add any balls pocketed to opponent's score; lose turn.
  • unethical interference with any ball during play - 

                - if player fouls - lose turn and opponent scores any balls pocketed.
                - if opponent fouls - player has an extra turn.

"Unethical interference" includes handling a ball during play (except when re-spotting the cue-ball), preventing a ball from entering pocket by any means, deflecting it, or any other practice which by normal standards would be considered unethical.

Remarks & Hints

Rules have been kept to a minimum to keep them simple; e.g. there is no "two shots" rule for a foul except foul by opponent interfering with a ball. It is not banned to shoot at a ball behind baulk after re-spotting cue-ball (i.e minimal rules!).

It is a permissible strategy to deliberately play a "miss" ball and thus snooker opponent from a valuable ball.  It is not a foul to miss all balls with the cue-ball, just lose turn.

As there is a total of 120 points available, it takes at least 61 points to win a game, therefore four "high" balls plus one "small" may result in a winning score; (e.g. 15+14+13+11 + 8 is enough).

Don't neglect a low value ball which may make it easier to pocket another - it could make the difference at the end of an even game!  Better to make a small score rather than nothing by failing to pot a big one!


Thanks for sharing John!

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