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Goodna's coffee club fun

Where shall I meet you? Oak Tree Goodna's coffee club! That's where. 

Our residents have a regular coffee club meet and greet in our community centre to catch up on everyone's news, relax and unwind with some friendly social banter, and enjoy some morning or afternoon tea. 

One of the best things about living at Oak Tree is how accessible everything is - particularly in terms of a friendly conversation and good company, all without having to leave home. 

Our community centre is the common hub for social get-togethers and is transformed into whatever is needed at the time - in this case a great place for a coffee club meet up, a dining hall for a big themed dinner party, even a dance hall when the music turns up the volume and the toes start tapping. 

Residents are welcome to be involved in the community activities as little or as much as they wish - but many love the coffee club making it a weekly ritual. 




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