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Friendship and a fresh start at Goodna

Now that the festive season is officially over and life is starting to return to normal, there is no better time than to start putting those new year resolutions and plans into action. And if your plan was to consider a new lifestyle option, then consider Oak Tree Retirement Village Goodna. 

Often our busiest time of year for sales, we have great pleasure in walking some new faces through our village and showing them the many benefits of Oak Tree living.

Often one of the biggest draw cards to our village is the access to like minded friends and the ease of finding companionship, and long term friendship and support. 

Whether you are someone who likes their privacy, or someone who is a social butterfly, Oak Tree Goodna meets the best of both worlds. Social activities are always occurring throughout the village and you can choose to be involved as little or as much as you wish. 

We get great pleasure in watching friendships blossom and our residents not only socialising together at the village but extending their friendship to life outside of the village as well, taking day trips, lending a hand to one another, even taking holidays together. So many of our residents have commented they have not had this many friends so close by since being in school. 

If meeting new friends is something you want for 2014, come and take a look at Oak Tree Goodna. 





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Friendship and company easy to find

Friendship and company easy to find

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