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Centrelink explained at Goodna

Confused about Centrelink? Who isn't! The Oak Tree Goodna residents raised their hands for some help.

Representatives from the Department of Human Resources Goodna team visited Oak Tree Goodna this week giving residents an overview on how to access Centrelink and health care options on line. 

Difficult enough for even the most computer savvy people, Centrelink is often seen by seniors as a maze of terror but residing in an Oak Tree village means its easier to access assistance and support from people in the know. 

Oak Tree Goodna's Village Manager Peter Grace arranged the morning to help residents get a clearer understanding of what is available to them and how to access help. 

Residents were grateful for the explanation and the convenience of just having to pop up to the community centre rather than standing in ques at Centrelink offices or wasting hours on hold on the phones. 



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Centrelink explained

Centrelink explained

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