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Personal touches in Cairns

Personal touches in Cairns

What many fail to understand about moving into a retirement village is that your villa, is still your villa and you can decorate it, landscape it and make approved modifications to your home to suit your needs. 

This is exactly what Shirley and Sidney Ashworth are doing at Oak Tree Cairns. 

Having moved into the village about a year ago, they have just finished adding some personalised touches to suit their needs and tastes. 

The have added a lovely patio undercover area, and too it a vertical garden of sorts. 

This small courtyard area is perfect for them as it is a manageable area, particularly suited to Shirley's hobby of collecting and growing orchids. 

Next door neighbour Sandra Frost, has helped Shirley with her garden and the two have spent many hours searching nurseries and markets for beautiful orchid specimens.

Sidney being a handyman has also added a few of his own finishing touches, and both can sit back in the cool surroundings and enjoy their creation. 





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