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A night of music, travel & food in Cairns

Night Of Music, Travel & Food In Cairns

It was all happening here at Oak Tree Cairns on Saturday night as residents enjoyed a night full of music, travel and food.

Almost packed to the brim with residents, the community centre was set up for everyone to gather inside to enjoy a dinner, an Andre Reiu concert (via DVD) and probably the biggest cause for all the excitement - a presentation by Stella on the upcoming group trip to Norfolk Island.

Stella has been very busy the last few months arranging a trip to Norfolk Island for many of our Oak Tree residents to take which kick starts next week.

The anticipation of a holiday always brings with it joyous laughter and with Stella, and her sister Fran, having already visited the Island before - there was plenty of information to share with the other group travellers and questions to be answered in the readiness for what we are sure will be an amazing holiday to remember.

Have a wonderful time everybody. We look forward to seeing the photos and hearing the stories when you all come back.

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