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Cairns' trip to Woodleigh Cattle Station

Cairns Visit Woodleigh Cattle Station

A group of our Oak Tree Cairns residents this month went on a  "Reef’N’Hinterland" adventure to Woodleigh Cattle Station, which is past Ravenshoe.

Described as an eventful trip, with a few unfortunate mechanical bus troubles, the tour group, although late, finally made it to their destination - a 65 square mile cattle station carrying 2500 head of beef cattle.  Classified as open dry sclerophyll forest, it is cut by several watercourses including the Millstream, Wild and Herbert Rivers as well as being watered by man-made dams. Much of it has been set aside by the Williams family as a sanctuary for wildlife.

Learning of the properties history, residents heard the stories of the original owners of the land - the Garbutt family-  who took over the property back in 1876 and its change of ownership over the years.   Woodleigh Station is currently managed by Peter and Kate Waddell (nee Williams).

The first impression of the homestead was a large bougainvillea growing over the entrance to the homestead. 

In spite of being late, lunch was served and afterwards everyone had time for a look around the station. It was interesting to see the  the original homestead was preserved, a galvanised iron building with earth floors, and kept a lot of the furnishings.

 Kate Waddell gave talk about the Station and the breed of Cattle they raised (Brahmans), the problems they have running the Station, and answered questions.

 An interesting day was had by all, even though there were a few delays along the way.

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