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German festivities in Cairns

German festivities in Cairns

The Cairns village residents had a great night on Friday celebrating an Octoberfest dinner for our annual Director’s Dinner.

With about 60 residents in attendence, a  great feast of traditional German food, wine and beer was enjoyed by all.

 All hands were on deck to help with the peeling of potatoes, setting up tables, blowing up balloons, putting up decorations, providing stereo equipment, cleaning up - the whole kit and kaboodle.

Oak Tree Directors Franco, Mark together with Regional Manager Melissa were in Cairns for the event and got to talk and circulate amongst the residents.

Manfred put together a very informative slide presentation on Germany and after the delicious desserts made by Sabine, we were again entertained with Manfred and Sabine doing the Bavarian Wedding Dance (in traditional dress) which everyone enjoyed and clapped along to the music.

 A great night was had by all.

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