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Cairns celebrates the big 'O' birthdays

Cairns celebrates the big 'O' birthdays

Oak Tree Cairns residents use the month of July to mark all of the big birthday milestones as residents turn 60, 70, 80 and proudly, even 90!

This July we had 7 people all turning a big 'O' and together we celebrated their birthdays country and western style. 

The entire community centre was transformed into a barn yard hall with hay stacks and prop animals everywhere but it wasn't until our costumed residents turned up that the place looked like a live country and western set fit even for the likes of  John Wayne!

Residents had a marvelous time enjoying a 3 course buffet meal and were entertained by a group of residents who performed a surprise skit of the Lone Ranger and the Tailless horse. The skit culminated with the birthday boys and girls having to play a game of draw the tail on the horse, blind folded. Lots of fun and laughter was had by all - especially the onlookers who sat and snickered at everyone's attempt.  

Everyone is looking forward to our next big event which is the Director's dinner Oktoberfest on October 11.

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