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Cairns learns about breast health

Cairns learns about breast health

At Oak Tree we are always  aware of the health and changing needs of our residents, and as Village Manager's we can assist in this by providing information sessions from professionals in a vast range of health issues, so that our residents are armed and prepared with handy information. 

 On Tuesday morning we had Rowena Cramp, Health Promotion Officer from Breastscreen Queensland, come to the village to give a talk about Breast Health. The target group for the national breast cancer screening program has expanded from 50-69 to the new target of 50-74. This is expected to result in up to 600 more cases of breast cancer being diagnosed per year. Early detection saves lives and leads to better treatment options and outcomes for women.

Rowena spoke to our female residents about ways of reducing the risk of breast cancer by adopting a health lifestyle by - maintaining a healthy body weight, being active every day, and avoiding or limiting alcohol intake. It is also important to do self checks and to have a physician check breasts once a year. Although the ladies have been very good in getting regular mammograms and are aware of the risks, they all found the talk worthwhile and learnt something new and valuable. 

This is just one of the information sessions that we provide at a village level.

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